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Obvious news is obvious

Posted by putsimply on 17th November 2009

In what must go down as the most obvious bit of reporting since the Daily Mail ‘flipped’ in 1939 (to declare that Hitler was actually not such a ‘good egg’ after all), the Times has broken the world exclusive that, yes, I.T. workers really are a bit more wheezy and sweaty than other professionals.

Why? Because of the lack of exercise? The terrible, snacky on-the-go food? The isolation of IT offices allowing people to eat what they want, when they want? A lack of peer pressure? All of the above?

We particularly like The Times’ line ‘IT workers take the biscuit for missing government recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. And then come back for more biscuits.’

Mmm. Biscuits.

While reading this story I realised that, despite the fact that the staff of EML towers spend a lot of our time at our desks crying and smearing cake around our faces, we’re actually doing surprisingly well. Government guidelines for a healthy lifestyle are; five fruit and/or veg a day, and half an hour of strenuous exercise five times a week. We mostly eat quite healthily, (outside of work), and a  lot of us cycle in every day, making for an hour of exercise every day. EML seems to have got itself some kind of magical get-out-of-jail-free card. Either that, or we’re all about to keel over of type two diabetes.

In any case at EML we embrace our more sizable brethren with wide-spread arms. There was a definite note of flippancy in the Times’ tone, however.

Oops. Need a bit of space-filler…

Anyway, here, without further ado is a link to my favourite website, ‘crying while eating’. I suggest you all have a good look at this and think hard before reaching for that cup of Horlicks served in the Bacon Mug.

And here’s an image of a morbidly obese hedgehog.

Wait, what was I talking about again? I seem to have fallen into an internet hole. And now I can’t prize myself out.