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Good time for mobiles

Posted by putsimply on 17th November 2009

As I am busy drumming up interest in the Cellular 25 event at the Science Museum in January, I have become extra-aware of what is happening in the mobile world.

So, I was particularly taken last week by the story that 10 million of us Brits are surfing the internet on our mobiles and downloading apps is the second-fastest growing activity. This tops emailing, texting and picture messaging.  At the same time this Nielsen report also stated that only one in seven handsets is a smartphone – long way to go then.

Also interesting is that Apple now make more money per phone than Nokia does, although Nokia still tops the sellers with 44% of the market.

Perhaps the best news of all is the Wallace and Gromit cartoon download for iPhones – I know what I’m doing this lunchtime.

Mobiles, where would we be without them.