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Low carbon image

Posted by putsimply on 2nd October 2007

Now this may make me sound a lot older than I am but I had my first serious attempt at a PlayStation game at the weekend, the school ball was held at a trendy venue with a curtained-off games room. Huge flat TV, 2 controllers and a racing game, thanks to a rather average turn-out and a rubbish disco it got quite popular later in the evening.

Although I’m pretty sure my kids are the only ones deprived of any form of games machine (they’ve got a trampoline what more do they want!) the other parents did a pretty good job of presenting themselves as first-timers and the competition was quite fierce. What amazed me most however was the competitors’ need to get so close to the screen – it’s a big screen for a reason I’m thinking. Perhaps the alcohol consumption had something to do with it – I was driving so obviously beat everyone.

Anyway screens is the thing here, next big thing to look out for is the OLED variety – I have a great Korean non iPod MP3 player with an OLED display and they are excellent – this week Sony has just introduced the first really really thin OLED TV screen for Christmas and I want one. Not only does printing organic LED material allow amazingly crisp colours, the power saving of not needing a back-light is huge, and very green.

I’m not sure how horrible the chemicals are they use but I nearly toasted my face on the plasma screen in the EML conference room last week so cool running screens must impact the old carbon footprint. Like the current range of LED screens, and plasma before them, the prices are going to start high while the production yields are improved, but that won’t take long to correct – wait for the self-adhesive OLED screens you can literally stick to the ceiling! Leading to PlayStation games designed to be played in bed perhaps? I’m certainly too old for that.