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Is press coverage still worth it for electronics brands?

Posted by Ben Smith on 17th September 2021

Twenty years ago, PR was focused almost entirely on generating media coverage. Today, the influencer landscape has changed dramatically, spanning far more than newspapers and trade magazines.

Given this evolving landscape, many marketing professionals have been left wondering if there’s still a benefit to securing media coverage, especially within the niche trade press.

Yet while specialist media is shrinking in many sectors, electronics is one area that still has a very strong trade media ecosystem.

There’s a backbone of influential titles and reporters across Europe, the US and Asia — all maintaining significant readership among senior leaders and technical teams. Unlike many other sectors, in the world of electronics the trade media still matters, driving interest, building reputation and delivering leads.

Unfortunately, the importance of engaging with trade media is becoming too often overlooked. Electronics brands either aren’t speaking to trade journalists or are bombarding them with technical product releases. Neither guarantees favourable coverage.

As important as it is for electronics brands to be more creative and show personality, it will be detrimental to your brand to neglect the people who are already most attuned to your business.

Take time to build relationships with the electronics influencers who really matter. Give them insight into your business beyond the product pipeline, explain the vision for your brand, and show them the impact your products will have.

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Ben Smith

Ben’s deep knowledge of sectors as diverse as electronics and IT, cleantech and medtech means he has a wide range of experience to draw on for his clients – ensuring that no two campaigns are the same. Ben’s expertise lies in helping his clients to raise their profiles beyond trade media and he has a proven track record in running campaigns that deliver coverage in national, business and consumer publications.