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Inappropriate whine…

Posted by putsimply on 26th July 2010

I saw something in a pub that really upset me over the weekend. This is what it was.

Wine on a tap? Wine. On. A tap. Draught wine.

This is, apparently, old news. My announcement of draught wine didn’t afford the cacophony of protest I had expected; no ‘clunk’ of jaws hitting floors; no smashing of dropped pint glasses; no anguished screams followed by back-of-the-hand-to-the-forehead sitcom-style fainting. Nothing.

Amongst the plethora of other high-quality packaging options, (bottles, boxes, plastic tubs, barrels, old milk bottles, bathtubs), wine, apparently, occasionally comes on draught now. And this is deemed as acceptable.

Am I alone in finding this to be a bridge too far? This is now the world we live in. This is the result of roughly 10,000 years of evolution. First Dan Brown, now this. Truly The End Times have come…

On the other hand they *did* have an excellent website.

There. Technology blog, Not a rant. No sir. Not a rant.