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I twit, you twit, they twit

Posted by putsimply on 30th March 2009

Here I go again. New media and social networking back on the agenda.

EML, and most PR agencies, are great exponents of Twitter and we enjoy finding out who is following us and putting up day-to-day information on what is going on with us and our clients.

We relish the fact that Stephen Fry has touched on our Twittering and we enjoy the minutiae of his day.

So if he can do it why are many ‘celebrities’ employing someone else to do their Twitter feeds for them and, conversely, why are Twitter looking to employ a ‘celebrity concierge’ to massage their already large egos? We want to know that Jen, Brad or whoever has taken the time themselves to put their breakfast on Twitter not some sycophantic wannabe. Twitter is currently top of the social media pile and if it wants to stay there second hand posting will not help.