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A homage to 1964 and 50 years of electronica

Posted by Chris King on 6th November 2014

So next week the electronics community (including myself and esteemed Wildfire directors Andrew Shephard and Richard Parker) will be making its way to Munich for the biennial electronica, the world’s largest and most important trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications.

More than 2,600 exhibitors, some 73,000 visitors from more than 70 countries, and hoards of journalists and PR people will be immersing themselves in the latest and greatest electronics technologies, indulging in stimulating conversation and drinking strong German beer.

This year marks a special milestone as, having first opened its doors in October 1964, the event celebrates its 50th anniversary. In this day and age lasting 50 years is no mean feat for anything… but I think it’s a particular achievement for an electronics trade fair given how much the world of technology and events have evolved in that time.

I was minus 14 years old in 1964 so I don’t remember it personally, but inspired by this interesting electronica blog tracking some of the key milestones of the show over its 50 year history… and a little bit by Buzzfeed I bring you:

12 moderately interesting things that also happened in 1964

  1. Martin Luther King received the Nobel Peace Prize
  2. IBM launched its first electric typewriter
  3. Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) won his first world heavyweight championship title
  4. Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison in South Africa
  5. The iconic films Hard Day’s Night, Mary Poppins, Zulu and Goldfinger were released
  6. HRH Prince Edward and Keanu Reeves were born
  7. The late, great Roy Orbison gave us “Oh, Pretty Woman” (the 6th catchiest song of the last 70 years according to science)
  8. Winston Churchill retired from the House of Commons aged 89
  9. BBC’s football highlights show Match of the Day aired for the first time
  10. LCD and Plasma screens were first invented
  11. Roald Dahl published the classic children’s story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  12. (My favourite of all) Beatles drummer and original voice of Thomas The Tank Engine Ringo Starr passed his driving test and had his tonsils removed

If you’re heading to electronica next week then why not check out our dedicated electronica microsite for useful tips and guidance, or better still, get in touch to set up a meeting.

Chris King

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