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Where was EML Wildfire in January 2012?

Posted by admin on 30th January 2012

A roundup of where we were last month…

Diving straight back into the swing of things after the Christmas break, EML Wildfire attended several interesting events in January:

19th January – IFS 2012 Andrew and David went to IFS 2012, the annual analysis & forecast of the WW semiconductor market, where Malcolm Penn gave a notable speech

24th January – ‘The Social Media MBA’ Book Launch – Max, Danny, Ellie and Ellen went to the Soho Hotel for ‘The Social Media MBA’ book launch, where they celebrated Max’s contribution! His chapter, ‘Power Struggles of the Advocate Age’, takes a close look at how business can make the most of their brand advocates online

25th January – NEXT 25Juliet and Darren spent the evening at the Science Museum for the book launch of ‘Making Telecoms Work – From Technical Innovation To Commercial Success’ by Geoff Varrall. They were treated to a private tour and also indulged in some whiskey tasting to celebrate Burns Night whilst networking with some of the telecoms industry’s finest.

25th January – Digital Group Seminar – ‘How to Make an App’Danny attended this PRCA seminar on, ‘How to make an app’, and we expect he’ll be blogging about it soon!


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