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Dear Katie Hopkins: hands off CES, we all need it

Posted by Juliet Philip on 12th January 2015

As a tech PR agency we at Wildfire can get lively on many topics but last week the conversations took off when discussing the piece in The Sun by Katie Hopkins (I didn’t know, either) entitled ‘Tech, it’s all geek to me’.

Here is someone who is probably glued to her phone, hopping between social media to see who is following her, but feels that she can damn the people who have brought all this to her fingertips.

Her description of those gathered in Las Vegas this week included that they are pale-skinned nerds that spend daylight hours in dark bedrooms, still living with their mothers, and eating “spaghetti hoops cold from the can as they haven’t sussed out an oven.”

She also suggests that “it might be kinder to the world if we detonated Vegas” while the techies are there. Nice – especially given the horrific events in Paris.

Now I am not a geek or nerd in the true sense of the word (at least I don’t think so) but I do love my iPad and iPhone and the access they give me to the wider world. I am fascinated by what is coming out of CES and was amused when the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones, having spent most of 2014 posting images through Google Glass, tweeted that he felt so passé in them this year.

Some of it is daft but within each exhibit there is likely to be a nugget of what we will all desire in the next few years.

So Katie, just remember when you are putting all those you call nerds into Room 101 that it is those people and their inventive brains that helped you to get to where you are today with a column in The Sun.

photo credit: gamerscoreblog

Juliet Philip

Juliet has been with Wildfire for over 15 years, initially writing client’s internal communications before taking on a traditional PR role. During this time she has worked with clients in the electronics / telecoms sectors alongside manufacturing and VC companies. Juliet’s strength lies in her ability to identify a story and then communicate that story to the media. She rarely takes no for an answer and her drive and dedication endear her to media and clients alike. Firm but fair, Juliet always gets the right result.