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The cutting edge of VR

Posted by Kat Farminer on 12th April 2017

As Christmas 2016 approached, Carphone Warehouse predicted 10% of all UK households would receive a VR headset somewhere within the presents under the tree. My house was no exception with the hubby receiving one from his sister and us gifting one to my cousin as well.

Available from prices as low as £15, going right up to several hundred quid, the headsets are easily accessible for the masses and the range of potential applications for use within the home is vast, although I am not sure they are currently living up to that potential. Perhaps 2017 will see an increase in app developers jumping on board to increase the scale of how consumers use them.

However for me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as it is how they can be used outside of the ‘nice to have’ gadget category that I find truly exciting. The upcoming Virtual Reality Show in London is showcasing the cutting edge of the industry with some staggering applications to look out for:

  • The VR Hospital: Where VR meets ER, imagining the future of medical care, from training students in virtual theatres to offering patients easy, more engaging ways to relax in hospital
  • Military 2.0: Imagine potential soldiers being able to experience combat in an immersive environment and how that could help prepare them for otherwise unknown situations
  • Alzheimer’s Lab: As someone with a close connection to the great work of Alzheimer’s Research UK their latest incredibly powerful film is designed to give the viewer a unique insight into life with the condition

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Kat Farminer