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Cheers Clive!

Posted by putsimply on 19th June 2009

I’ll be sad to see Personal Computer World stop publishing, it’s the end of an era and makes me feel very old.  I started work just as the PC boom kicked in, learned to code in assembler on an IBM-compatible Amstrad PC, worked for a major regional PC dealer, which then restructured as IBM lost its stranglehold on the enterprise PC market – and then fired pretty-much everyone.

Yes I remember 5.25inch floppys!

The market evolved and the PC format surged on to become the ubiquitous platform we know now and couldn’t live without – and now I have more functionality in the iPhone in my pocket than any of the early machines could ever provide.

Anyway, best wishes to Clive Akass and anyone else directly affected by the demise of Personal Computer World.