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The science of B2B influence

The science of B2B influence

Let’s face it, B2B buyers are bored. They’re bored of webinars, of LinkedIn Pulse blogs and of half-baked thought leadership.

Today’s B2B buyers need more than that. They need content that’s useful, relevant, entertaining and doesn’t talk to them like they’re work-obsessed robots.

That’s where influencer marketing comes in. Today, half of all B2B brands are looking to experiment with influencer relations, while 94% of those who have tried it, believe it to be an effective marketing tactic.

So just how can B2B brands go about engaging with influencers, and what’s the best way to build an effective B2B influencer marketing strategy?

Well, that’s the question we’ve set out to answer in our latest Wildfire labs report.

Download the full five step guide to find out:

  • Why B2B marketers need to think about relevance, not reach
  • How to build credibility and be seen before you’re heard
  • Why it’s vital to focus on expertise, not endorsements
  • How to play the long game and make the most of your relationships

Or, to get a feel for the influencers in your industry, generate your own top-ten influencer list below.

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