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Research: The case for B2B Creativity

B2B buyers are bored

When faced with economic uncertainty, B2B businesses typically stick to what’s tried and tested, pushing creative approaches to the back of the queue.

But creativity isn’t about untested ideas. It’s about being memorable, driving engagement, and connecting with new customers.

Here’s a scary fact. Half of B2B buyers (48%) say they’re bored by the content and campaigns they see.

And yet, despite prospects crying out for something new, creative campaigns continue to be dismissed as unmeasurable, expensive, or simply ‘not right’ for a B2B audience.

We’ve addressed these misconceptions in our latest research report…

The case for B2B creativity

Calling on research with 150 B2B comms professionals, The case for B2B creativity explores:

  • The current state of creativity in B2B comms
  • The business case for B2B creativity
  • Common objections to creativity — and how to overcome them
  • How to make your next creative campaign a business success

The Case for B2B Creativity

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