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Social c-suite: What type of digital executive are you?

Brands with a socially active c-suite are more commercially successful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, CMO or even VP of innovation, establishing yourself as an industry thought leader is essential for building credibility, raising brand awareness and even motivating your teams…

  • Employees are 17% more likely to consider their c-suite inspiring if they’re active on social media
  • 80% of employees say they’d rather work for a CEO who engages with people on social media
  • Two thirds of senior executives think that having their CEO on social media builds brand credibility
  • A socially active CEO can boost productivity by up to 25%

Despite these benefits, few c-level executives are taking advantage of their social connections. In fact, our Wildfire labs research shows that, while the average CEO has nearly 60,000 connections, less than half (48%) are posting more than once per month.

With the c-suite often being the best-networked individuals, any brand striving to improve engagement, customer loyalty, employee advocacy or investor confidence should be looking to tap into this network online.

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