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Data dive: YouGov’s Global Media Outlook 2022

What’s the news?

As the world emerges from the pandemic, digital media platforms are tightening their grip on viewers — seeing huge rises in consumption over the last 12 months.

Now, as people settle back into normal life, the overall appetite for on-demand entertainment is beginning to calm, but we’ll some key platforms experiencing big viewer increases.

Video streaming services, music streaming platforms and social media are all set for massive growth in 2022. According to YouGov’s latest report, these are the platforms that marketers, advertisers and PR professionals should prioritise in the year ahead.

Who’s behind it?

YouGov. Every year, market research firm YouGov publishes its Global Media Outlook Report, exploring media consumption habits around the world. The 2022 report focused on new media, including the rise in streaming services.

Give me figures…

Video streaming services are set to boom during 2022, with a “Growth Driver” of 36%. Music streaming, podcasts and social media platforms also have massive potential, with their opportunity for growth being higher than expected.


Sign-ups are on the increase with 15% of consumers considering a new video subscription this year. This compares to only 11% who plan to cancel a current contract.

Gen Z is driving the growth of music services, with 38% planning to stream more in 2022. Younger generations are also leading the demand for podcasts, with 23% of 18-24- and 25-34-year-olds ready to increase their consumption in 2022.

Boomers, Gen X and Millennials get the bulk of their news from TV. Unsurprisingly, Gen Z are all about social media, with 43% using social channels as their primary news sources.

What should I take away from this?

As the pandemic subsides the surge in digital consumption is beginning to level out.

But while overall growth within the industry is calming, there are still key media formats that present fantastic opportunities for media companies, tech brands and advertisers.

The younger generations’ habits should be of particular interest, as they continue to diversify from traditional media platforms and drive digital growth.

Where do I go next?

Looking for more information about Gen Z’s approach to streaming media? Check out this blog post by Wildfire’s Jay Cox on how to engage the younger generation.

To download the full YouGov report, visit YouGov: Global Media Outlook Report 2022.

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