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Wildthings sleep out for Byte Night

Posted by Lori Foster on 15th October 2010

A week ago, Louise, Danny , Debby and I were frantically packing. Every jumper, scarf and hat we owned were being stuffed into rucksacks along with sleeping bags and the obligatory bottle of G&T  – all in anticipation of spending the night in the open air.

We met up with our companion for the night, Steve Evans from IT magazine Computer Business Review and set about finding Byte Night HQ. It was a perfectly clear evening and as we made our way toward London’s Potter’s Field, our thoughts turned to why we were all there – 75,000 children find themselves without a home every year.

Byte Night is the IT industry’s annual sleep out in support of Action for Children and raises not just money, but also awareness of youth homelessness.

As we finally settled down in our sleeping bags under the lights of Tower Bridge, it was an amazing site – hundreds of umbrellas were raised as a defence against the wind as Steve and the Wildthings stretched out on the tarpaulin, huddled up against the elements.

As we tucked into our bacon rolls the next morning, we all felt very lucky that we only had to spend one night outside! We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported us! The amount of funds raised by the hundreds of Byte Night sleepers currently stands at £330,000!

Lori Foster