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Wi-Fi allergy or promotional stunt?

Posted by putsimply on 24th July 2009

There is a time and place for sympathy and empathy and this isn’t it.  When a colleague asked me if I’d blogged on a wireless scare story recently, and sent me two links from the Telegraph about a chap called Steve Miller, I had to have a little scoot-about.

Wi-Fi fried my hamster...

There’s no evidence of commercial sponsorship on this one, other than the mention of his need to carry a Wi-Fi detector, [where can I get me one of those must-have items?] so all I can surmise is that DJ Steve’s Ibiza days are becoming infrequent and his ‘Afterlife’ stage-name needed some profile points?

Well as a PR stunt, job done – well done everybody.   But The Mail and The Sun, come on!  The times when anyone took this sort of nonsense seriously have pretty much gone – please stick to stories which are really tricky to pick holes in.

Thanks to Ian Douglas at the Telegraph for a good critique.