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Why I ‘oughta

Posted by putsimply on 2nd October 2009

I’m generally a pretty relaxed, chilled out person. Hopefully most of my friends and colleagues would agree and I’m fairly confident they would. However one thing that really does wind me up is when technology doesn’t work for no apparent reason. Not sure why this annoys me so much but it really does. When my BlackBerry Storm went through a phase of repeatedly calling the emergency services I wasn’t exactly delighted. Particularly so when they started ringing me back to check I was ok.

Thankfully it went off for repair and works fine now. It even answers calls, happy days.

However I’m a lot better than this guy who was so mad with his iPhone that he wanted to shoot it. And then showed the Apple shop employee the gun he was planning on shooting it with. Clever.

Unsurprisingly this didn’t go down well with the shop or the Police, but I can see where he’s coming from. And more to the point who doesn’t enjoy the over the top destruction of technology from time to time?