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Who is the techie now?

Posted by putsimply on 26th November 2009

My heart leapt this morning at a headline on the front of the DT “Women now ‘better with gadgets than men’”.  At last, recognition that men are not as technologically superior as they think they are.

For some years I have repaired hoovers, programmed set top boxes, sorted out heating timers etc without problems.  However, go into an electrical shop or camera store and I am treated as if I am a moron. I often find I know more about the product than the salesman because I have researched online before going into a store to ask a few more questions, but they still treat me like a two-year-old.

Okay so I don’t use all the features available on my new mobile phone but then I don’t need to. It does what I want so I’m not fretting about what I don’t use.  And maybe that is the difference. Women will be happy when the technology is doing what they want it to but men feel compelled to look into all features available and that is when the “85 per cent of men no longer considering themselves the most competent member of the household.”

Equality, if not superiority, at last.