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When Harry met Tali

Posted by putsimply on 29th February 2008

(credit to today’s Daily Star for the genius headline)

So the leak is out. Instead of getting drunk and hanging out with the England rugby team Prince Harry has finally got what he wanted and spent the last few months secretly fighting the Taliban out in Afghanistan. Whatever your views on whether our troops should be out there in the first place, I say good on him for trying his best to lead a normal life.

I can only imagine the fun that the band of press officers from the Army and Clarence House have had keeping that quiet. Respect to them for managing as long as they did. From experience, it can be a tough enough job coordinating a simple embargo in the trade press, let alone a story of this magnitude.

That said, what I’m blown away most by is a quote from the head of the British Army, Chief of the General Staff Sir Richard Dannatt praising the ‘highly responsible attitude’ that the whole of the UK print and broadcast media has shown.

There are words you don’t hear banded around very often!