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“What you need, my love, is a good case study”

Posted by putsimply on 15th August 2007

This is what I’d say to the chaps at Scooterman, if ever they were to ask my advice.

In case you don’t regularly find yourself staring blank-eyed at the inside of a cubicle door in the pubs and restaurants of major UK cities, I shall elaborate:-

Scooterman is a service that allows you to drive to the pub AND get sloshed.

“How irresponsible!” says you, “the streets of major UK cities will be littered with mountains of smashed up cars and goodness knows what other dystopic horrors.”

Aha! No. You see, you drive to the pub. Get sloshed. But instead of stabbing and jabbing keys at your car, you call Scooterman. He scooters to the pub, folds up his scooter, pops it in the boot of your car and drives you home for less than the cost of a cab.

Bob’s your proverbial uncle.

Except, despite the kertrillion adverts, all cleverly placed in the aforementioned facilities, it doesn’t seem like anyone actually uses it.

Why’s that then?

My theory is that you don’t want to take a chance on the service messing up, or not working for one reason or another once you’re already over the limit. You need to know it’s going to work. You need to know it HAS worked. For ordinary people. People like you.

And this is where PR and a nice slice of case study comes in. A good case study will whisper sweet nothings into your ear. It will massage the knots from your shoulders, stroke your cheek, put its arm around your waist and tell you not to be afraid. Everyone’s doing it. You’re safe.

So get on yer bike, Scooterboy, sort yourself out with some decent PR, and start pocketing the millions of pounds’ profit that are rightfully yours.