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Posted by Richard Parker on 3rd May 2011

If a PR agency is successful why change it? If two agencies are successful, even more so? Change always involves an element of risk and so why have EML and Wildfire PR, two growing, profitable tech agencies merged?

Firstly, the logical reason – the strengths of each agency dovetail brilliantly: EML brings international experience; Wildfire is an expert in digital campaigns; EML understands deep tech; Wildfire has a consumer tech arm. The new agency supports clients across a wide range of technology markets, around the globe and across all media. Both are technology advocates.

Secondly, the bigger picture – today an agency needs to provide a complete service and enable its clients to engage with their audiences via whatever route is the most appropriate. I believe that for any agency to succeed in the long term it is really important to provide a complete offering.

The speed of change in PR and the media is well known and it will not slow down. Not so long ago a company could reach its audience very successfully with a bit of trade media relations and maybe an event or two, but not now. Today clients have so many routes to reach their audiences and any agency with ambition requires a multi-disciplined approach to provide its clients with an appropriate campaign.

For a small agency building these skills is a real issue. It is possible to fill gaps and build experience via recruitment and training but that is a difficult and risky process and takes time.

Bringing together two proven teams with complementary skills accelerates the process and this merger has generated a single agency with a depth of experience and talent, an understanding of technology and an impressive track record. Mix in the drive and creativity to build an outstanding campaign and we can reach any audience.

That is why we have dared to change a winning formula. That is why we are excited about our new agency, of the prospect of working together and the opportunities ahead for all of us, and for our clients.

It’s a huge leap, but it feels right. We’d have been mad not to do it.


Richard Parker

Richard is CEO at Wildfire, fulfilling a dual role of overseeing the commercial aspects of running the business and offering strategic input and advice on clients and new business. Richard has 28 years of experience in running international PR campaigns for technology companies.