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Weekly Links – 12/08/08

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 12th September 2008

This week’s round-up of interesting blog posts, articles, announcements and more:

  • You’ve heard of Twitter, well now we have Twitter for the enterprise – Yammer. (thanks to Neville for the heads-up). Yammer also won the TechCrunch 50 event in San Francisco this week.
  • A report out from analyst house Forrester reveals that marketers are increasingly turning to new media (including social networks, online video and UGC) and yet there is still concern about how these forms of marketing can or should be measured.
  • This article is a bit old but I’ve only just come across it. Jeff Jarvis, writing in the Guardian, puts forward the notion that ‘Editors’ are actually a luxury that media organisations could do without.
  • Finally, in a week when Andy Murray nearly made UK tennis history, Charles Arthur examines his use of micro-blogging

Missed anything?

Danny Whatmough