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Virtually the same

Posted by putsimply on 6th November 2007

Internet in the palm of your hand, isn’t that one of the messages the cool dudes at Apple are pushing for this week’s iPhone introduction in the UK?

Well it isn’t all that new, my old Nokia did it reliably years ago, but it impresses the girls I suppose. I’ve recently taken the flip off my P990i smart phone to see if it’s actually possible to use a phone every day with no buttons, and it is! – more or less. I’ve had one or two near misses where I’ve taken a photo of the inside of my pocket and almost emailed it to a client but….. virtual buttons are OK with me so the iPhone will, in this correspondent’s opinion, bridge the gap between the smart phones – which don’t do cool at all well let’s be honest – and the cool phones, which frankly aren’t even a little bit smart.

I can’t quite understand, however, what O2 will do with the 1400 new staff it is recruiting to support the 200,000 UK iPhones it’s expecting to shift to begin with – by my reckoning that’s a pretty big chunk of the initial purchase fee so they must be expecting a pretty big up-turn in data revenue and related services perhaps to justify it. My experience of smart phones and using Apple products would suggest it’s not all that hard to make an iPhone do what you want, so the staff must be there to sell more services and change tariffs?

Anyway roll on Friday when we’ll be able to spot the smug people going home on the train, shopping on eBay, blogging, social networking and telephoning their loved ones (with a look of wonder maybe) to say they’re on the train and will be there at the same time they always get there.