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Usurped by a phone

Posted by putsimply on 14th July 2008

My son left home over two years ago so we are no longer involved in the minutiae of his daily life.  However, he still shares the ‘big’ moments and this weekend was one of those – the blow-by-blow account of getting his 16gig iPhone.

The first call was on Friday at 0800 when he was in the queue at 02 in Oxford Street, “the queue is long but they assure me that they have enough 16 gigs for me and others behind me.”  10.00: “*!*!*! they ran out two in front of me but I am on a list and they have promised me one tomorrow. Off to the Apple store to see if there is any chance there.”

11.00: a text to say, “in queue and they just bought me a Starbucks!”  12.30: “*!*!*!* the 02 system is crashed and they are keeping a white one for me which I will pick up later. Can only get a white one from Apple.” He then went to a meeting in Wimbledon and returned to find the queue had not moved at all. He acknowledged that there was more to life than being one of the first with the iPhone, but only just, and went home.

Sunday 11.00: “I have got it! Oh it is gorgeous, lovely to hold and handle. Going home now to set it all up.”  I do hope his girlfriend doesn’t mind his affections being transferred to a phone!