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Upwardly mobile?

Posted by putsimply on 5th August 2008

Whilst I was off sunning my self on the top of a mountain in France last week, Ofcom released a draft proposed regulation to allow mobile phones to be used on planes.


I don’t want to be sat next to the Dom Jolly character with their unreasonably loud “Hello? yeah. I’m on a plane. It’s rubbish, the wings aren’t attached properly” conversation which will immediately throw the flight into chaos.

Really. Do we need to use mobiles on planes? When did everything in our lives become so urgent that it can’t wait for a couple of hours? Surely, catching up with our voicemail is what kills time while we’re standing around waiting for our baggage to be kicked into the terminal?

I have a horrible image of a plane full of 2-300 people sitting on the plane as it crosses international boundaries. That’s 2-300 phones that will all start beeping, buzzing and pinging at once as they receive the “welcome” messages from their new host network operator. For that reason alone mobiles should remain banned from being used in flight. Personally, I’m happy to stick to the ferry and driving to my destination with my phone safely out of charge and stashed in the glove box!