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Twitter shows off its artistic side…

Posted by putsimply on 16th October 2009

TweetPhoto, the real-time photo sharing site and branch off from Twitter, today saw inky illustrator Johanna Basford use the photo sharing platform to create one of her distinctive black and white silk drawings with a ‘social networking edge’.

The work was described as ‘documenting the internet’s hive mind’ (Metro). The artist was open to item suggestions from Twitter users to be included in the drawing by simply tweeting any item they’d like to see in the finished picture along with the hashtag #TwitterPicture.

Basford accepted suggestions for two days to be included in #TwitterPicture. The finished illustration can now be found at her TweetPhoto page, it includes all sorts of miscellanea including a sumo wrestler, Marmite and garden shed.

I’m not sure how a rag doll, tap dancer and flying pig represent the social networking frenzy in which we now live, but what a great way to get people involved in your art – even if it is just a lame PR stunt.

It’s great to see art evolving and adapting to the technology available today, not just in terms of how it is created but how it is viewed and shared. Artists and graphic designers can reach viewers globally and without having to pay fees to display in contemporary galleries. Basford’s business initiative is displayed clearly with #TwitterPicture and sets the stage for a new generation of artists within the media.

#TwitterPicture will be made into limited edition silk screen-prints and will be put on sale next week. Along with each signed and edition numbered print, there will be a Twitter Artists’ Certificate, detailing the name and suggestion of every person who contributed to the pieces creation.