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Tweet wars

Posted by putsimply on 14th December 2009

Twitter and social media has always been used by the police to keep an eye on the less than intelligent ones who decide to brag about whatever crimes they may have committed , but now it’s been taken to the next step with the news on The Next Web that gangs in New York are using Twitter to arrange fights and generally wind each other up.

One tweet said ““I knoe bi**hes from oyg that would dead mob yah s–t in harlem,”  wrote one girl.

Erm, yes, what she said.

The obvious drawback is that the Police can see who is saying what, despite the profiles being made private, although they’re also trying to confuse the police by using complicated slang which has certainly bewildered me.

I doubt this is the first case where fights or worse have been arranged through Twitter, but it’s the first time that I’ve heard about it, and I’m sure Twitter will follow the lead of Microsoft and Google by giving the Police access to data to help them out.

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