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Toys for boys, dull stuff for girls

Posted by putsimply on 12th January 2009

I work in technology PR so maybe I have a slightly different take on things compared to the average woman.  That said, before Christmas I was getting more and more annoyed by the difference in the present suggestions that papers and magazines listed for men and women.  The men’s presents always seem so much more interesting to me – USB drum kits as opposed to hand cream.

Fast forward to the CES show in Las Vegas last week – geek heaven. By the way, why did the BBC website call it the biggest media event of the week – surely the month if not the year. One of the hits of show has been the Swiss Army knife without a blade in sight. All the coverage calls it a boon for businessmen – what about women? I want one – the bladed version has never been of interest to me.

One item from the show though that is definitely for the boys is the computer keyboard that you can put in the dishwasher to clean off the food and drink stuck around the keys.  Trouble is they will probably put it above the dishwasher and expect it to magically make its own way in!

Seriously though, lets have interesting present suggestions for women and not just laptops/phones in pink.