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They’re back

Posted by putsimply on 21st January 2008

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet for the last few weeks it’s been a busy-old-year all told so far!

The BBC is responsible for prodding me back to the blog with a story today about a study investigating sleep being disturbed by mobile phone signals. Whole heartedly endorsed by our old favourite Alasdair Philips at Powerwatch.

Anyone who’s read my ramblings previously will have an inkling where this is going – I was particularly pleased to see that on Alasdair’s web site today he’s nicely stocked up on HSF54 carbon screening paint for the insides and outsides of our houses. He has sixteen 5 litre cans in stock at £245 each. Hold on, that’s nearly four grand’s worth of paint!

Now I’m obviously being a little unfair here as there’s a lot of useful and fairly objective advice on Powerwatch’s site but I can’t resist sometimes – sorry.