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Why Wired is wrong about the web

Posted by Max Tatton-Brown on 18th August 2010

This week, Wired put out a controversial article called “The Web is Dead. Long Live the Internet” which has been making waves across social networks due to its audacious claim.

We thought we’d point you toward some links which continue the debate.


Is the web really dead? – Rob Beschizza,

Takes the graph from the Wired article and shows what happens when you change the axis from “proportion of total” to “actual total”.

Wired’s Worst Stories – Gary Wolf, Wired

From 2003 but still worth a read – insight from a Wired contributor on culture of “must-readness” at the publication which causes articles like this to emerge.

What’s Wrong With ‘X Is Dead’ – Alexis Madgiral, The Atlantic

Great analysis of how human beings try to shape the technological narrative of their worlds based on desires and intellectual leanings- in this case, Chris Anderson’s role as Editor of the Wired app and magazine but not the website.

The Chrome Web Store Is Coming and Google Has Big Plans for It – Ben Parr, Mashable

The article focuses on how iOS devices have spread the app phenomenon. However, Android now has greater market share on mobile and this will undoubtedly continue in the tablet market. All this means that the Chrome Web Store and its browser based apps are a good horse to put money on. What’s the difference between a website and web app?

Bonus Top 5 things which “have died”

  • Email
  • Microsoft
  • MySpace
  • Newspapers
  • Elvis

Max Tatton-Brown