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The Journo Grill: Wendy Barnaby, Editor, People and Science

Posted by Eleanor Dobson on 31st August 2012

This month we’re talking to Wendy Barnaby, Editor of People and Science magazine. Here she talks about working from home and the Mars rover.

1. Describe a typical working day

I work from home, so my commute consists of 14 steps (I’ve just counted them) from breakfast in the kitchen to my room. Unless, of course, I’m off and out. 

What I do depends on what I’m working on at the time: commissioning content for People & Science, finding interviewees for radio or editing audio, preparing lectures for science communication students at Imperial, writing up interviews, reading pre-session scripts from scientists about to have media training, absorbing medical papers for podcasts, or whatever. I love the variety.

2. What are you working on at the moment?

I’m just about to start commissioning the December issue of People & Science.

3. What do you expect the next big news in science will be?

Something from Curiosity, the Mars rover.

4. What’s the most memorable story you’ve ever written?

The situation faced by the parents of a disabled baby, as (American) doctors tried to keep him alive past what the parents felt was humane or reasonable.

5. How important is social media in sourcing stories?

Of growing importance. I don’t get many stories from there though.

6. Do you have any advice for businesses looking to get media coverage?

Look at your company through the eyes of your potential customers, to see what about you and your products might interest them.

Eleanor Dobson