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The Journo Grill: Adam Cook, UK Editor at God is a Geek

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 30th March 2012

This month we’re talking to Adam Cook, UK Editor of influential gaming industry site God is a Geek. Here he talks about his focus for 2012 and what he looks for in a tech PR pitch.

1. Describe your typical working day.

Most days start with me ensuring that the rest of our team has plenty of work to be getting in the pipeline. I spend most of the day in my inbox (don’t we all these days!) chatting with some of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet, PR people!

Depending on what we’ve got on – work wise – I might be capturing video, writing my own articles, proof reading other people’s articles or just playing with some shiny new gadget or game. It sounds tedious really, but I actually enjoy what I do, because for the most part my job is made easy by the highly professional people I liaise with every day.

2. What’s the best tech story you’ve ever read?

The best tech story I’ve ever written would probably be my Kinectimals review, which was really fun to write because I managed to get some humour across in the article, and of course I played the game with my kids too.

As for the best I’ve ever read? God…there are some brilliant writers out there. In terms of tech writing, I adore Damien McFerran’s tech articles; anything from him on Eurogamer would be a fine start for anyone. Also from Eurogamer, Simon Parkin writes some incredible articles; “The Boy Who Stole Half-Life 2” springs immediately to mind.

3. What’s the next big news for tech/gaming? What will be big in 2012?

Tricky to read the market these days, but tablets don’t seem to be going away any time soon and will probably continue to be big business. With Nintendo sure to announce more details on their Wii U at E3, it’ll be interesting to see how Sony react, given that they have their PlayStation Vita, which could theoretically do the same thing, but is already released.

The biggest question for me is what Microsoft do, and I think we’ll probably – at the very least – find out which direction they are heading in this year.

 4. How important is social media in sourcing stories?

It is becoming more prevalent as time goes on, for sure. Some companies bypass publications such as entirely and tweet their news from their own accounts at the same time as sending us the information, meaning we’re already behind.

It’s an interesting idea and it’s fantastic to see companies engaging directly with their fans, it just means we have to concentrate more directly on our own unique content, which is something we enjoy doing. How important is it? Very! Twitter and Facebook are ridiculously strong and more often than not, breaking real-world news is on Twitter.

5. Portal 2 took the ‘Best Game’ Award at BAFTAs 2012. What games really caught your eye last year and what are you excited to play / test in the coming year?

Whilst I do love a mainstream game, I also love games like Twisted Pixel’s “Ms. Splosion Man”, which was for my money the best digitally distributed game last year. Portal 2 was definitely a worthy winner, I can’t really think of a better game overall last year.

This year, ThatGameCompany’s “Journey” is one of the most incredible experiences in gaming. Future wise, I can’t wait to get my hands on Borderlands 2 and BioShock Infinite, oh and Resident Evil 6…I’m a sucker for Resi, love it.

Thanks Adam!

Danny Whatmough