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The first* PR agency on Google+?

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 14th July 2011


Google+ has been taking the digital world by storm since it launched last week and, with that in mind, here at EML Wildfire we’ve been looking into how the latest social network addition could be used from a business standpoint.

So, we’ve set up an account for the agency on the site. You can find it and add it to your ‘Circles’ here. [Let us know if you don’t have an invite yet and we’ll see what we can do.]

Now, Google has been quite open about the fact that Google+ as it stands at the moment isn’t really set up for brands yet. They’ve even shut accounts down (and then re-opened them).

But with many publications and some multinational companies already having a presence, we wanted to make sure we were trying it out from a corporate level too so that we can properly advise clients now and in the future.

Talking in a vacuum?

Another key thing for all brands to think about before embarking on a new social network is clearly whether there is a benefit to doing so. And much of this comes down to whether your target audience is using the service.

Google+ is still clearly in its infancy (although there are an impressive 300,000 people signed up at least so far), so we likely won’t be recommending to many clients soon. But we (as an agency) speak to technologists, PRs and marketers – many of whom are in the early adopter crowd using the site already – so it seems to make sense from this standpoint too.

So come on over and say ‘hi’. And let us know what you think about Google+ and its potential for brands.

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Danny Whatmough