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‘The Elf on the Shelf’

Posted by sarah-anneb on 2nd December 2013

This little guy arrived on my desk over the weekend. Known as the ‘The Elf on the Shelf’, he and his fellow elves are the latest advent craze taking the US by storm.

The story goes that the elf arrives the day after Thanksgiving with the sole responsibility of keeping an eye on children’s behaviour. Each night the elf comes alive and reports to Father Christmas who has been good and who hasn’t.

Problem is, that when the elf comes to life he can sometimes get into trouble, doing things he shouldn’t. Bad elves have been known to steal goodies from the fridge, write on the walls and tease cats and dogs. Thankfully, these naughty elves are few and far between.

Our little elf, named Elvis, has been sent to keep an eye on all us EML Wild Things over the festive period. Lets hope he’s a good’un and not going to cause any PR mischief during this season of goodwill.

Stay tuned to follow his adventures.