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Why texuality is so important to LGBT

Posted by admin on 10th October 2016

Unfortunately, people in real life don’t have a massive sign on their heads telling any potential mates which way their sexuality tends to bend and, as someone who has never identified as being “straight”, it’s always a little tougher to find the one to warm the cockles of my LGBT heart. This is one of the reasons why dating sites and apps are so important to the LGBT community.

Not only do these platforms give us a place to meet each other, they also allow for a safe zone to experience same-sex dating if you’re shy, or just plain curious.

Although there’s no real way of knowing how chemistry will develop, dating apps can be a great way to start interacting with new people and prevent any misunderstandings that come with sexuality.

Of all the dating apps out there, it seems that OkCupid is a fave in the LGBT world for those seeking genuine relationships. Self-proclaimed “Glitter Lesbian” Katrine says “OkCupid is the best app I’ve used for dating due to its matching system based on individual interests and opinions. The app shows you how well you have matched with people as a percentage, giving you an idea of how well you might fuse.”

But although OkCupid isn’t strictly for the LGBT community, it seems its powerful algorithm has struck a chord with those with same-sex orientation.

Another worthy mention goes to all female dating app Dattch, which is a platform built by women, for women, boasting a great community feel and strong feminine vibe. A favourite feature of mine is the exclusive in-app “Would you rather” game, which you play with potential dates. Let’s face it, would you rather make small talk or play “Would you rather” with a match?

That said, an app won’t keep you warm at night as Katrine found, stating “I often found that when meeting girls, I can have had great conversations with them online but no sparks fly in real life.” But when it comes to getting “out there” there’s perhaps no better platform than technology to start to find yourself – and a new partner.

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