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Technology specialist EML Wildfire upscales Nujira’s global campaign

Posted by admin on 25th November 2012

EML Wildfire is working with Nujira, the world leader in Envelope Tracking technology, to increase the global awareness of Nujira?s technology, which improves power efficiencies in next generation smartphones.

Nujira’s Coolteq solutions power the world’s most efficient 4G cellular base stations and Digital TV transmitters. Building on this success, Nujira is now applying the same energy efficient technology to smartphones and other portable wireless devices as the demands of LTE networks impact on the battery life of mobile devices.

EML Wildfire is deploying a global PR campaign to promote the technical and commercial benefits of Nujira’s technology to original equipment manufacturers via electronics design, telecoms and business media.

Tim Haynes, Nujira’s CEO, comments: “With the move to handsets, 2012 has marked a major shift in what we do and how we do it. The team at EML Wildfire has been integral to his process. They have a strong understanding of the market, relevant experience, well-established media contacts and have shown a very clear understanding of our objectives and the campaign has been delivering some fantastic results.”

EML Wildfire director, Andrew Shephard, said: “The objectives are very clear with Nujira. As they seek to raise awareness of their new business direction, EML Wildfire has lined up a series of activities that will raise the awareness and profile of Nujira with key target media. Our extensive experience in the wireless design and communications sector, and in helping similar companies become global players, means that we are well placed to continue to support Nujira’s commercial aspirations this year and beyond.”

About EML Wildfire

EML Wildfire is an independent UK-based B2B and consumer technology PR agency with a track record of campaigns across the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia. Our expertise covers the enterprise, communications, electronics, design services, cleantech, digital and semiconductor technology sectors.

We combine traditional media relations with social media skills and marketing expertise, offering results-driven, measurable PR programmes that build market authority, engage target audiences and create sales opportunities across multiple channels.

We are headquartered in South West London on the banks of the River Thames with a presence in Cambridge, the UK’s technology heartland.

About Nujira

Nujira’s mission is to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of transmitters for 3G and 4G handsets, base stations and TV broadcast applications by reducing the amount of waste energy dissipated as heat in the RF Power Amplifier circuit.

Nujira’s patented Coolteq® Modulator technology dynamically controls the power supply to the circuit in line with the amplitude of the signal, enabling the creation of highly efficient RF Power Amplifiers. Today Coolteq technology powers the industry’s most energy efficient and highest performing 4G base stations and TV broadcast transmitters. Nujira is now applying the same energy efficient technology to smartphones and other portable wireless devices.

A fabless semiconductor company located in Cambridge, UK, with design centres in Cambridge and Edinburgh, Nujira is enabling the design of cost-effective multi-mode, multi-band handsets that deliver faster data rates, longer battery life, and better coverage.

For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @nujira_et


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