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Sweet like chocolate

Posted by putsimply on 17th July 2009

I’m not sure what my favourite technology story was this week, I think the funky German electric bike, which you have to p-e-d-a-l comes close – especially the interview where the inventor claims the same theory could be applied to trucks, where lorry drivers would enjoy the exercise!

You wouldn't believe the followers I got on Twitter after posting this picture!

But the most surprising one for me was that no one had invented chocolate with a different melting point before. Not only will skiers and mountaineers be able to eat it without breaking teeth but chocolate lovers in warmer climates [underdeveloped markets] will be able to enjoy chocolate without the cost and eco-unfriedliness of refrigeration. Cunning.

So simple, why didn’t anyone think of it before – another example of recession driving innovation you say?

Contracting markets squeezing profit margins?

Oh – right.