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Spotify, Swedish DJs and possibly the biggest house party of all time

Posted by admin on 30th May 2012

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a real DJ run a set in your own house? Maybe you’ve even pictured yourself as that DJ. Spotify’s latest announcement might not do anything for your DJing dreams but it will bring you probably as close as you will ever come to having a real one in your house.

Last week, music streaming service Spotify announced that Swedish house music group, Swedish House Mafia, will play a live DJ set via its new Soundrop app on the 1st of June at 7pm.

Fans will be able to vote on the tracks they want to be played next, vote for their favourite track and chat with the DJs in what is being billed as the biggest house party of all time.

We are surrounded by social media campaigns these days, but the campaigns that really stand out are those that take you on an emotional and/or physical journey and leave you with the urge to take an action. Think Kony. Think Diesel QR codes. Think Arab Spring.

A social media campaign is like a didactic story. There’s always a moral to the story and it becomes useless unless the listeners get what this is. In the same way, a social media campaign is only as useful as the connection it makes with the audience. The call to action might vary but generally speaking, the purpose of all social media campaigns is to get as many people as possible to respond in some way.

The call to action must be short, sweet, lean and mean. For starters, people have very limited time on their hands so any fluff amounts to a waste of time and another reason to look for something else to do. It all feeds into the idea that those who succeed in social media are those who have the ability to influence the actions of others and those who can tell their stories very well with just a few words.

The call here is to download the app and party and it’s as simple as that. And not only that but partying with two world class DJs!

I predict many sore heads on the morning of the second of June…


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