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Spark to the imagination

Posted by putsimply on 29th October 2009

A picture may paint a thousand words but what I enjoy are the images that spring to mind from snippets read in a newspaper, and this week I have had two corkers.

The first was a letter in the Telegraph on the subject of what grandparents are called by their children’s children. It was an ongoing chain of letters that only DT readers (and Wogan listeners) could come up with.  However, the one that made me chuckle was the computer literate grandmother who was known as ‘technogranny’ to her nearest and dearest. Robotic granny on speed is the image firmly planted in my brain on this one.

The other was the poor lad in Luton with his 14” TV and wonky aerial booster in his bedroom when he receives a visit from Ofcom. Apparently it went onto a frequency that was blocking communication between planes landing at Luton and air traffic control.  He now has now television but at least he does not have a garden full of Airbuses.