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Social Media doesn’t need to be complicated to work

Posted by Lori Foster on 29th July 2010

At Wildfire, we work closely with brands to guide them through the world of social media, to create an effective presence that really delivers results. But to the uninitiated, managing a public space to share information, engage with customers and increase brand recognition could sound incredibly complicated – or even worse, expensive!

But actually, when you break down the core elements of running an effective social media offering, it’s really quite straightforward and just needs time, planning and a long term commitment to keep up activity.

How do we know this?

One of our long term clients, set-top box manufacturer and digital giant Humax, has recently been recognised by Get Connected magazine as a shining example of how effective Facebook can be to handle consumer engagement correctly. As the columnist George Cole points out, “the best companies are doing what Humax has done, they are embracing the internet’s potential”

Check out our top five tips for using Facebook to engage your customers, or contact our team to find out how we can help you to devise a social media strategy that works for your business.

  1. Post regular updates
  2. Reply to criticism as well as praise – face things head on
  3. Offer exclusive content to your fans – competitions, videos and savings
  4. Keep it interesting – less corporate, more inviting
  5. Take part in discussions, encourage your Facebook fans to become a community

Lori Foster