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Save as many as you can.

Posted by putsimply on 29th March 2010

As an owner of a large ‘older’ car, built the year the Dow closed above 4000 for the first time in history, the WTO was established, when 10x murderess Rose West got life and Microsoft released Windows 95 [oops gave it away with that last one], I’ve always had a slightly [emphasis on the slightly] guilty conscience about the volume of energy I use.

Yes this really is the way my kids get to school, sometimes.

The news covered by Richard Black today at the BBC lets me rest a little easier, the gulf stream is not slowing down. Phew, the day after tomorrow isn’t just round the corner and all those people trapped in New York’s library will remain safely inside a “DVD bargain” for many years to come.  Ironically I could have bought that excellent film as a double-feature with, of all things, Independence Day – today at the lunchtime supermarket checkout for just £5, but I digress.

The fact that this environment story made headline news at all today says an awful lot about the awareness that has settled throughout the developed world. No one can claim they know nothing about that story before they read a Gulf Stream ‘is not slowing down’ headline.

In 1995 I’d have been mostly ignorant and generally un-caring.