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How real tech innovation makes PR easier

Posted by Sanjay Dove on 4th November 2014

A couple of weeks ago I went to a restaurant that, hands down, is the coolest restaurant I’ve ever been to. If you’ve ever been to Inamo in Soho, London, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

The reason Inamo is such a fantastic restaurant is because it sticks two fingers up at the traditional — and perhaps slightly antiquated — dining experience, and embraces the delights of technology in a wonderfully innovative way. Introducing the interactive table…

Inamo interactive table

Using the mousepad in the corner of the table, one can:

  • Browse the menu
  • Order food and drinks as and when you want
  • Play games like battleships with the person opposite you
  • Get a view of the kitchen from the “kitchen cam”
  • Buy merchandise
  • Change the projected-image tablecloth
  • Call over the waiter
  • Order your bill at the end

It really was a lot of fun playing around the table’s features. And the first thing I wanted to do after the meal was tell as many people as possible about the experience, whether that was via social media, face-to-face conversations, WhatsApp, megaphone on street corners…

It just goes to show how easy PR can be when you’ve got a great idea and you run with it. Thanks to Inamo’s innovative tables, the restaurant has garnered more than 6,500 Facebook fans and 2,500 Twitter followers to keep in touch with. So, if you’ve got an idea on how to do things differently (and hopefully better), people will naturally want to spread your message for you, seek you out on social media, and the PR almost takes care of itself.

Sanjay Dove

Sanjay joined the agency in October 2014 after working for two years in technology copywriting and sports PR. As a copywriter, Sanjay wrote B2B brochures and white papers for clients on a number of IT topics including big data and machine-to-machine communication.