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Radio Times gets social

Posted by Kat Farminer on 6th December 2012

It’s one of those things that adds to the general sense of Christmas anticipation – almost as much as decorating your tree or opening an advent calendar. We are of course referring to the day you go out and purchase the Christmas edition of the Radio Times – some even go as far as to highlight all the shows they don’t want to miss (not us naturally).

Even in the age of catch up TV and recordable set top boxes it is good to see the old traditions are still going strong but also finding new ways of reinventing themselves.

This time the good folk at the BBC are giving people the chance to reveal the iconic cover page through the use of social media – the more you spread the image among your contacts the more of it you will see – our guess is it’s going to be The Snowman!

It’s a nice example of how social media can be used to revive and inject renewed interest into something that would otherwise probably be subjected to the same old marketing techniques. It’s also a great example of how an emotional pull can be used as the perfect stimulus for a social media or viral campaign.

Kat Farminer