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Radio influence…

Posted by Vicki Eltis on 6th February 2013

I’ve always secretly wanted to be a radio presenter. Who wouldn’t? Getting paid to talk and listen to music just seems ideal.

While the digital revolution may have changed our media habits forever, radio is still booming. RAJAR the Radio Joint Audience Research states that 89% of the population tune into radio every week, listening to a total 1.02 billion hours.

There’s DAB, internet radio and of course, still the good, old-fashioned in-car variety. I have three favourite radio stations that I dip in and out of regularly. I prefer it to watching the TV…

Shhh! Listen…

Radio is a great way to engage listeners. Driving along listening to a presenter interviewing the owner of a business feels so much more personal, as if they’re in the back seat!

Bring your brand to life with a great story, team up with a subject expert, like a relationship psychologist, and stations will take note because they can start a debate to interact with their listeners while they are on air.

Interview opportunity

We recently held a radio day for the launch of smartphone calling app, FooTalk, which proved that with the right story there is a huge appetite for technology news on the airwaves, especially consumer technology news.

In this instance co-founder Graeme Hutchinson and relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam teamed up for 15 interviews reaching a total of almost one million listeners across the UK from Southampton to Bolton, on Internet radio, commercial channels and regional BBC stations.

To achieve this kind of success requires some serious campaign planning and preparation. You need a sharp story that taps into people’s real-life experience, with no sales jargon but independent interviewees to bring the story to life and statistics that can be used as short sound bites. FooTalk had commissioned research revealing that men are better at staying in touch with women – controversial eh?  And there you have it  – an on-air debate ensued.

As for me, and radio, well I have the face for it but maybe not the voice!

Vicki Eltis