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Posting bail

Posted by putsimply on 22nd September 2009

There have been plenty of examples of less than intelligent criminals getting caught out through spectacular oversights. People have tried rubbing lemon juice on their faces thinking it blurs CCTV images, others have left their wallet at the scene of the crime or tried carrying out an armed robbery in a gun shop. Suffice to say none of these went well.

However the latest is certainly one of my highlights. Earlier this month someone in the US broke into a house, stole some jewellery and then decided to check their Facebook page on an open computer in the room. Already not too clever. Even less clever is leaving your account logged on for the home owner to discover when they get back. If convicted the guy could be facing up to 10 years in jail.

Juliet regularly rants on this blog about  people getting caught out on Facebook and similar sites by posting poorly thought through updates and photos. Only yesterday our attention was drawn to this page full of people managing to embarrass themselves on a global scale.

Previously people have been caught by the police after uploading videos of themselves committing crimes onto YouTube and this is yet another example of how people should really think through just what they’re doing on social media pages.