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Pocket search

Posted by putsimply on 8th May 2009

Time to Blog again, really?  Well today I’m pleased to say that due to a genuine sustained interest in our combined Twitter experiences I’ve spent nearly £$€2 of my hard-earned cash on a Twitter client for the trusty iPhone. Boy is that money well spent!

Follow the white rabbit...

This week you may have spotted that search and Twitter became very popular all of a sudden, probably because of the rather rapidly rising noise level on the service [hesitating to call it a phenomenon here], making it tough to spot worthwhile Tweets, unless of course you have the sort of brain what’s-his-face on The Matrix used to interpret the screen of jumbled numbers and glyphs at its machine-code core.

We’re actually finding Twitter a really useful listening tool at the moment, having a half decent set of search terms in my pocket is proving rather illuminating, it’s a scarily quick way of keeping involved, assuming you have a clue what you are looking for.

Now here’s one for the pub tonight – imagine having to explain to your mum, what a mobile Twitter client is doing when it carries out a search for you and returns a list of matching Tweets – in 140 characters or less.