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PlayStation offering World Cup controller makeover

Posted by Kat Farminer on 23rd May 2014

Continuing our look at the ways consumer tech brands are utilising the global appeal of the World Cup to promote themselves, I came across this little gem from official FIFA sponsor, Sony.

As a gaming enthusiast myself this caught my eye but it did leave me wondering: why?

Sony is offering its users the chance to give their PlayStation controllers a free ‘World Cup Makeover’, as reported earlier this month in Engadget. And why not? As one of the most recognisable brands on the planet, why not make the most of the multi-million pound sponsorship deal?

Owners of the PS3 and PS4 are being encouraged to attend one of three pop-up shops in May/June across the UK to have graffiti artists create a unique design on their controllers.

To me, this is a great piece of audience engagement and a fun way to show users some love, but the overall link to the World Cup loses its way with seemingly no sporting or football connection at all in the end result. Not something every brand could get away with, but if you are a World Cup sponsor, anything is worth a try!

photo credit: William Hook via photopin cc

Kat Farminer