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Our top tip for content marketing

Posted by Debby Penton on 1st July 2013

Not another content marketing blog, I hear you cry.  Yes, it seems everyone is jumping on this bandwagon at the moment. A quick Google search for the term throws up 780m results.

But surely, we’ve all been producing marketing content for years, so what’s all the fuss about?

Essentially, content marketing is all about supercharging the effectiveness of your content by putting a strategy and process behind it to help you attract relevant prospects and convert new customers.

And it’s about really making your content stand out so that it engages your target audience, and then using all the channels at your disposal to reach that audience.

But, there is one channel that marketers all too often overlook, or just add as an afterthought.  The media!

Why go to all the bother of creating amazing pieces of content, without going the extra mile to come up with a compelling news hook that will amplify your content WAY beyond the realms of other inbound, and even outbound, marketing techniques?

So that’s it, in a nutshell.  Our key top tip to content marketing….

… Don’t forget about PR!  Creating great content is what your PR agency is best at.

And for more sage advice about planning the best content marketing campaigns, then download our new guide here.

Debby Penton

Motivated, competitive and highly experienced, Debby drives excellence across the agency and leads by example, going the extra mile to create stand-out campaigns and a dynamic agency culture. As CEO, Debby champions a new breed of PR that meets the evolving communication needs of today’s tech companies.