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Only 2% will pay for news online

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 30th June 2010

Following the launch of The Times paywall earlier this month, there’s yet another study out today suggesting that Murdoch’s experiment might be doomed.

A YouGov survey of UK adults found that 60% were willing to pay for a ‘quality newspaper’, but whilst 44% said they preferred to pay for newspapers, from which they expected better content, only 2% would pay to access news online. Even more ominously for The Times, a further 4% said they would only pay for information if it wasn’t available elsewhere. 83% said they would never pay for online content.

The Times currently charges £1 a day or £2 a week for access to online content. It remains to be seen how the move will pan out, despite The Times saying that whilst they expect user numbers to drop, their audience will be smaller but more committed and loyal.

Time will tell, but the signs don’t look good.

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Danny Whatmough